The Callaway Golf 2021 Apex Iron Set – Score Reducing Mastery

The game of golf can be fickle. One round goes great and the next terribly. Maybe you are using the wrong clubs. The Callaway Golf 2021 Apex Iron Set is designed to help you make that next score target. Whether you are trying to break 100 for the first time, or 90, or 80, or even 70, these irons can make those score targets a reality.

The Role of Your Golf Irons

Everybody knows that old saying: “You drive for show and putt for dough”. But, what’s missing in that description? Your irons are what’s missing! You can drive the ball as2021 Apex Iron Set – Role of Irons far as the day is long. You still have to get the ball up on the green and in a position to at least two-putt if you want to par the hole. If it takes you 2-3 shots to do that, you are staring at bogie or worse.

Similarly, if your iron play always leaves you on the fringe or far from the hole, you could be the best putter in the world and still see a lot of those dreaded three-putts. Take my advice, you want to avoid those.

The role of your golf irons is to fill that gap between your drive and your putts. You need to be able to stick it on the green and close to the pin a majority of the time if you want to see your scores and handicap go lower. The best irons also help you recover from the occasional bad drive. Let’s face it, we all have them. But if you watch the best pro golfers as often as I have, you will see them quickly turn a poor drive into a scoring opportunity. How do they do that? They do it with their irons.

The Irons Problem

2021 Apex Iron Set – Irons ProblemGolf irons have presented challenges to the casual golfer since their invention. The big, broad services of the driver always presented a level of forgiveness when hit “Imperfectly”. Not so with golf irons of the past. Before technology developed a “better way”, most golf irons were simple blades. Hitting an approach shot accurately with blades took a lot of skill. But, if golf was going to be played by the masses, iron-play had to be more forgiving. The profit motive and technology provided the answer.

The inventions of forged irons and cavity-backs helped revolutionize golf. Hitting the green from inside 180 yards became much easier. Very quickly, golf began to gain in popularity as even weekend players started to see their scores drop. With the technology revealed, the cost of forgiving irons dropped and more, and more players were introduced to and began to love the game.

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Characteristics of Great Golf Irons

So what does make a great golf iron? Well, If I had to make a list, it would definitely include the following:

  • They would have to “feel” and “look” right. Let’s face it, a large part of the golf swing is mental. The feel and look of your irons can affect your success as much as the weather condition.
  • They would need to impart a faster ball speed with each shot. Ball speed is necessary for distance. If your ball speed is slow, it’s not going to go. That’s a famous golf rhyme by Johnny Cochran. No, I made that up just for this article.
  • They would also have to impart more golf ball spin consistency. How much and what type of spin golf irons put on a ball affects control. More spin in the right direction means more greens hit and golf balls left closer to the pin.
  • Great golf irons perform through the turf. A good golf swing is consistently down into the turf (see our article on perfect golf swing tips). If your irons easily get turned or constantly slowed by the turf you will lose distance and accuracy.

I searched far and wide for the best golf irons in 2021. It wasn’t just based on one man’s opinion. I spoke to friends who live in warmer climates who golf nearly year-round. Many know the Golf Pro or Golf Course Manager at their home club and are able to borrow “demo clubs”. Those clubs are often the latest and greatest available for purchase.

After months of evaluating and an unknown number of rounds played with the newest golf irons available a consistent winner was revealed: the Callaway Golf 2021 Apex Iron Set.

The Callaway Golf 2021 Apex Iron Set

Famed Mathematician and Professor of Cosmology, Stephen Hawking, once commented that Artificial Intelligence or AI could spell the end of the human race. One thing is for certain, AI led to the development of the most bad ass set of golf irons for 2021.

The Apex 21 Flash Face Cup is AI designed. It’s a unique characteristic for a forged Apex iron. This AI architecture leads to increased spin robustness across the club face and creates higher ball speeds at impact.

The AI really outdid itself. The combination of higher ball speeds and more spin leads to excellent control of the ball flight over greater distances. That means shots closer to the pin from farther away leading to lower scores.

Calloway has integrated their Tungsten Energy Core into their Apex 21 irons. In comparison to previous versions, the Apex 21 comes in at 5x the tungsten than their Apex 19 iron. That gives them complete control over iron Center of Gravity placement.

2021 Apex Iron Set – Tungsten Core

A golf iron’s Center of Gravity plays an important role in determining how “imperfect” a swing can be while still resulting in an accurate golf shot. The Apex 21 Center of Gravity results in excellent forgiveness for shots off-center. It also results in excellent ball launch for each club in the bag. This helps you recover from your inevitable bad shots (everybody has them).

Callaway’s line of Apex golf irons are well-known for their pure feeling for golfers of every handicap. The Callaway Apex Iron Set for 2021 lives up to that legacy.

Apex 21 golf irons are 100% forged. They start as a 1025 mild carbon steel body. Callaway also implemented their patented urethane microspheres. These help create an excellent feel at impact and the sound that will be a permanent fixture in your golf dreams.

Finally, recovery from the turf is something all golfers need, from your 18-handicap player to the pro golfer. Some obviously need it more than others. The AI designed shape of the Apex 21 provides the feel through the turf needed by players at all levels. No longer will a single errant shot lead to that monster number that blows up your handicap.

Your Golf Bag Wants New Clubs in 2021

This could be your year. This could be your year to finally break 100… Or 90… Or 80… Or even 70! What could make it your year for real Is a brand-new set of irons. But, not just any new irons. You need golf irons designed by artificial intelligence for more forgiveness, more distance, and more control. They need to feel right from your back swing right through the turf and they need to provide a sweet sound each ball strike confirming your newfound status as the lead dog in your group.

You need the Callaway Golf 2021 Apex Iron Set. But, don’t take my word for it. Go ask your golf bag.

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