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A washable weighted blanket may be your good night’s sleep security blanket (no pun intended). Getting a good night’s sleep pays big dividends for your fitness and health. Not only does it give your body a chance to rebuild muscle tissue strained during exercise and weight lifting, but it also gives your mind an opportunity to decompress from the stress of life. Failure to get good sleep can affect you physically (feeling tired, yawning, etc.) and mentally (unable to concentrate, unable to solve problems, etc.).

What is a Weighted Blanket?

A weighted blanket is specially constructed to give a person a sense of peace and tranquility. Their fabrics and weights are specially chosen to positively influence people with a wide range of challenges. In a world filled with more and more neuroses, weighted blankets have never been so popular.

Think back to your youth. I know I had plenty of friends and classmates who wouldn’t have thought about being without their “blinky”. Washable weighted blanketsWashable Weighted Blanket – Blinky are the modern version except they’re not just for the young and the benefits they convey are scientifically proven

How does a Weighted Blanket Work?

The best washable weighted blankets start with a sewed grid of pockets of hypoallergenic and BPA-free pellets. These should be distributed evenly across the entire blanket effectively distributing the increased weight.

As the blanket is draped evenly and naturally across the body, it provides pressure in a gentle way that causes the body to reduce its production of cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone. Coincidentally, the blanket encourages the release of serotonin, oxytocin, and melatonin. These chemicals serve to reduce stress and relax the body while creating a general state of feeling happy and secure.

How a Washable Weighted Blanket Can Benefit You

The most obvious way a washable weighted blanket can benefit you is to improve your sleep. When the body is unable to rest effectively after a stressful day and/or after working out it can have debilitating effects. For example, if your job requires you to exercise many of your brain cells, you want those brain cells to be available Washable Weighted Blanket – Girl 2 Sleepingand ready to work. An architect designing a new building has to make a multitude of calculations to ensure stresses and forces are addressed. Calculation errors might result in the building collapsing.

From a related perspective, a good night’s sleep helps your body recover physically from exertion. That exertion can come from the requirements of your job and/or your exercise program. They can both physically tax your mind and break down the muscles of your body. While sleeping, your muscles recover and your mind decompresses. A good, washable weighted blanket promotes that good night’s sleep.

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Therapeutic Benefits of a Washable Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket is not just about getting better sleep. There are also scientifically-proven therapeutic benefits to the use of a weighted blanket. For example:

  • Sensory Related Disorders – Even before weighted blankets became popular, studies showed particular benefits for children with sensory processing disorders.
  • Sleep and Insomnia Disorders – Having a chronic sleep disorder means the likelihood of a good night’s sleep is pretty poor. Those types of conditions are both debilitating and frustrating. Studies indicate those suffering from sleep disorders are able to sleep more comfortably and better under a weighted blanket. They wake up feeling more refreshed without having to take medication.

Washable Weighted Blanket – Girl Reading

  • Chronic Anxiety – Having chronic anxiety can be very debilitating. Many people feel anxious about things like public speaking, chronic health issues, and theWashable Weighted Blanket – Anxiety curveballs life occasionally throws at them. But, anxiety disorders create severe anxiety symptoms that occur without warning, suddenly, and apparently without cause. A weighted blanket helps release chemicals in the brain that slow the heart, lower blood pressure, helps the body to relax, and have a general calming effect that helps relieve those chronic anxiety symptoms.
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder – Known as PTSD, it can affect people of all ages. Sources of PTSD can be from the effects of natural disasters, military combat, violent assaults, diagnosis of disease, and many others. PTSD creates disturbances in an individual’s emotional state. The disturbances can be sourced to events in the past or the present. PTSD can be severely destructive to the sleep cycle. Weighted blankets help with mood swings caused by PTSD and promote restorative sleep.
  • Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – Usually referred to as ADD/ADHD, the disorders usually affect children and younger adults. While individuals may respond to other treatments, weighted blankets have been helpful tools for therapists treating children with ADD/ADHD. It’s been found to be a comfortable and safe way to help kids manage insecurity and hyperactivity while improving their focus.
  • Asperger’s and Autism Spectrum Disorder – These disorders are especially tough on families. They are complex and often mean children with the disorders do not respond well to affection and expressions of love, especially when those expressions are physical in nature. Everyone needs love. The problem manifests itself as parents struggle to make their children feel secure and safe without touch. Research on weighted blankets used therapeutically for autistic children has been shown to help those children with reducing anxiety, improving focus, and sleeping.

Our Choice – A Mosaic Washable Weighted Blanket

There are many choices for weighted blankets on the market. Our choice is the Mosaic Washable Weighted Blanket.

Washable Weighted Blanket – Main Picture

Being one of the top producers in the weighted blanket space since 2011, Mosaic Weighted Blankets have been developed with individual preferences and customer needs in mind. They offer a wide assortment of weighted blankets from full-size to neck and lap-sized ones. This assortment virtually guarantees you will find the kind of blanket which suits your needs best.

They even have a convenient article on their website to help you determine what kind of weighted blanket suits your needs best. Its step-by-step guide helps you determine the size and type of weighted blanket you need.

The topper for us: Mosaic Weighted Blankets are made in the USA!US Flag Moving

Improve Your Life – Get A Mosaic Washable Weighted Blanket

Let’s face it. Modern life is tough. We have stressors in every part of our lives: work, home, and play. Keeping fit and healthy through all of it takes a concerted effort. It’s important to give emphasis to those areas that have the most impact. It’s hard to put emphasis on anything more important than getting quality sleep.

If want to improve your life, improve your sleep. The simplest, most basic way to do that is to get yourself a weighted blanket. When making your choice, make it a Mosaic washable weighted blanket. You won’t be disappointed.

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