Your #1 Goal: Eating Well Throughout Your Pregnancy

Eating well and healthy throughout your pregnancy is the greatest gift you could provide your baby; but, there are also a great many rewards in it for you. What you consume has a direct effect on how well your body copes and recuperates from all the physical changes bringing a new life into this world entails. Ask any mother who just gave birth what their pregnancy was like. They will most likely tell you it was a roller coaster of emotions, with higher highs and lower lows than they have ever experienced. For most, good nutrition is essential during this time.

The reality is, most pregnant ladies hardly ever walk all 9 months with that rosy radiance everyone talks about. The first 3 months when not eating well, some walk around a nasty shade of green and in a hazy fog thanks to the tiredness they feel. That first trimester can be tough, especially on first-time mothers as they do not know what to expect. The second three months are a little bit better. Morning sickness generally goes away so they don’t have to worry about looking green or having to clean up that “accident” they had in the car on the way to work. What was for breakfast, again? Looks like Cheerios. However, women often have to deal with other problems like varicose veins and leg cramps.

The 3rd trimester many women find themselves back to the hazy fog and have other concerns such as swelling of their joints and heartburn. Some of these can be prevented with a great diet plan to ensure they are eating well. Eating foods that have some complex carbohydrates can help reduce their exhaustion and staying away from fatty foods will assist with the heartburn.

Eating Well to Avoid Complications

Research has revealed that pregnant women who eat healthy throughout their pregnancy usually have a safe and uncomplicated pregnancy. They have shown that some pregnancy problems, such as Preeclampsia or high blood pressure, can be directly related to deficiencies in a pregnant woman’s diet. High quantities of sugar and polyunsaturated fats increase this threat as well as having a low consumption of vitamins C, E and Magnesium.

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Perhaps, for some ladies, one of the greatest benefits of eating right during their pregnancy is that it benefits them throughout labor and delivery. A well balanced pregnancy diet has been shown to help some women avoid preterm labor, which is labor prior to 37 weeks. Eating well can also make it easier during labor and delivery. Any woman who has delivered understands just how much energy it takes to endure hours of contractions and often hours of pushing. Thinking about it should make us all want to give our moms a big hug and thank you. Eating healthy foods will make sure that expectant mothers have the energy and the stamina to endure their child’s delivery. The last thing they should want is to faint from exhaustion after the arduous nine-month journey and to miss the opportunity to be the first to welcome their newborn to the world.

Eating Well After Pregnancy

Even after they have delivered their new little one (or two, or three, or… six), it is still crucial to continue the important practice of eating healthy meals, especially during the postpartum phase. A birth mother requires a lot of resources to recover from labor, replenish any blood loss, endure sleep deprivation, and still look after a newborn. A spouse or partner can play a key role here. Getting and keeping both parents on a healthy diet will make the time right after a pregnancy easier. Baby responsibilities limit the time meals can be planned, groceries can be bought, and cooking accomplished. Crockpot meals, boiled dinner, and casseroles high in fiber, carbohydrates, and vitamins are essential. Not only will the parents be ready when their new baby needs them, they will also have more energy and be able to rest more thoroughly during those sporadic down times they are able to experience.

If you follow this advice, expectant mothers (and spouses/partners) are sure to make the time during their pregnancy and immediately after their pregnancy much more enjoyable. These times are to be enjoyed and new parents won’t want to miss any memories because they are not eating well. Not only that, but the eating habits formed during these times can pay benefits for a lifetime. Healthy, nutritious family meals enjoyed together would be a spectacular reward and one well worth pursuing. Take the advice here to heart and you, too, can chart a course of fitness and health from your pregnancy and beyond.

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