Complete Well-Being Starts with Building Favorable Emotions

Women (and sometimes men) occasionally question why they are having a tough time finding a sense of wellness or inner calm. So I’m constantly looking for the tough realities. Particularly, my curiosity has always been around total well-being: not just physical health, or financial wealth, beauty or balanced weight, and not simply a healthy mind, but all of them together. My real concerns have consistently been how do we achieve complete well-being for ourselves and how do we teach it to others?

My thinking is that total well-being starts with constructing favorable feelings such that no negative feelings or unfavorable emotions exist. Pure and basic, our history, training, acquaintances, household and many other factors play into the types of emotions that each of us habitually cultivate. Often, lack of total well-being originates from a build-up of a lot of unfavorable feelings that sustain more unfavorable emotions. In a manner, it is grown totally because you don’t know what total well-being feels like (or not knowing how positive it can be to live with an abundance of favorable emotions).

Seek Your Own Proof

I look for proof of my theory everywhere. Often, I find it in children, other times in myself, and in some cases I even find it in complete strangers. Today I discovered it in something I read.

One short article I found in an article in the Royal Journal by Martin E. P. Seligman, Acacia C. Park, and Tracy Steen says: “Results from a brand-new randomized, placebo-controlled study show that individuals are happier and less depressed three months after completing workouts targeting positive feeling. The ultimate goal of positive psychology is to make individuals better by understanding and constructing favorable emotion, satisfaction and meaning.”

Another post written by Barbara L. Fredrickson says, “The broaden-and-build theory describes the type and function of a subset of favorable feelings, consisting of pleasure, interest, satisfaction and love. An essential proposition is that these favorable emotions widen a person’s momentary thought-action repertoire: joy stimulates the desire to play, interest triggers the desire to explore, contentment stimulates the urge to savor and incorporate, and love sparks a recurring cycle of each of these urges within safe, close relationships.” What this means, essentially, is you get more favorable feelings when stimulated by positive emotion.

The take away from these articles supports my theory. We can achieve complete wellness by learning how to do so. We can also become efficient in getting to a state of complete well-being. We just have to set our mind to it and develop a favorable way of thinking.

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Develop the Process for Well Being

The truth is that working towards a state of complete wellness is a process — one that never ends due to the fact that life throws us different challenges every day and we have to find unique ways to regain our focus and balance. Nevertheless, once you understand that this terrific location of health, inner wealth, and richness can exist for you if just you know the tricks, you are once close to the place you want to be.

There is power in understanding. From my perspective, this understanding is both invaluable and powerful.

To get to a state of complete well-being, you must develop a state of mind where only favorable feelings exist. Emotions feed off one another. Negative emotions, as they accumulate, can create an absence of wellness. Some, having experienced no other emotions, do not and cannot know what complete wellness feels like. Unfortunately, they have no understanding of what a positive factor having an abundance of favorable emotions can be on their overall well-being.

Your great take away should be that positive feelings spur positive feelings. The more positive feelings you have, the more positive feelings that will snowball. You should strive to build your own mental igloo of snowballing, positive feelings. Just be prepared to enjoy your new life hanging out in your cool, positive place!

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