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Question MarksWelcome to the Fitness and Health Advice website. We are glad you decided to stop by and check out what we have to offer.

Who We Are

We are you. We are concerned with living a healthy lifestyle and keeping mentally and physically fit. Not all that long ago, we found ourselves spending quite a bit of time surfing the Internet and finding the information we needed to achieve our health and fitness goals. We had to search multiple sites using appropriate keywords to find that information. We knew there had to be a better way.

Fitness and Health Advice.com was our solution.

It can be very challenging separating fact from all of the false-information shared around the office water cooler, promulgated by the media, and available on the web. The more challenging your personal situation, the more difficult it becomes to make good fitness and health decisions. We can relate and we are here to help.

Why Fitness and Health

Few things have a bigger impact on your quality-of-life than one’s fitness and health. There are the obvious impacts: how you look, how you feel, how well you avoid illness, etc. Those would probably be the top three answers on Family Feud.

But, to “avoid the steal”, we decided we had to look deeper. Your fitness and health affect your everyday mindset. It helps determine whether you’re going to be positive and energetic or negative and loathsome.  It impacts your interpersonal relationships from your sex life to being the best parent for your kids. You can’t exactly rock your significant other’s world after working all day if you can barely keep your eyes open after dinner.

These and many other reasons are why we chose to focus on fitness and health advice.

Our Goals

We would like to be your first stop for fitness and health advice. We aim to provide timely, relevant, and accurate information on fitness and health issues covering a wide range of topics. From which exercise programs are best, to which foods you should be eating, to what you should look for in a fitness center, the topic is broad, so our postings will be as well.

We don’t want to be dry and boring. For each post we make, we will try and present the topic in an entertaining (yet informative) manner. We believe people learn best with a smile on their face. If we can’t make you smile with us, we will always try to make you smile at us. Your fitness and health deserve nothing less.

If you ever need a hand, want to suggest a post topic, or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and we will be more than happy to do our best to provide you the information you want. You can also contact us directly by emailing: admin@fitnessandhealthadvice.com.

All the best,

The Fitness and Health Advice Team

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