A Core and Abs Workout

It is necessary to target your workouts. This set is going to target our abs and our core.

Warm-up with moderate cardio for 6-8 minutes.

We will finish three circuits starting with circuit one:

Weighted calf elevations (10-15 repetitions)

Goblet squat (10 repetitions)

Reverse lunge (incorporate a knee hop, 10 repetitions)

Complete a minimum of 3 rounds, no more than 5.

Circuit two:

Resistance band crawl (minimum of one minute, no more than 3 minutes)

Plank with leg lift (10 repetitions)

Complete a minimum of three rounds, no more than 5.

Circuit 3:

Resistance band thrusts (10-15 repetitions)

Reduced resistance band walk (10 up and backs)

Banded leg raises (10 together, 10 left, 10 right)

Complete a minimum of three rounds, no more than 5.

Here is some more guidance so you can get the most out of your exercises:

Weighted calf elevations (10-15 repetitions): Hold your dumbbells, bring your feet right into the first position, place your feet and toes at an angle. Alternatively, you can do these with parallel feet. Raise your heels off the ground. Raise your heels off the ground, however don’t let them touch the floor between lifts.

Goblet squat (10 repetitions):  Place your feet under your shoulders with your toes slightly angled out. Hold a dumbbell under your chin perpendicular to the floor. Keep your upper body up right and a tight core as you sink back and down into your squat. Make believe like there is a chair behind you and you’re going to touch your booty to the chair. The weight needs to remain in your heels and try to keep your arm joints under the bar with a wide grip.

Reverse lunge (incorporate a knee hop, 10 repetitions): Take a huge step back to get into a lunge position. Pay attention to your position and make certain your front knee is located over your front ankle and your chest is raised with a strong core. Step back to starting position, stabilizing on one leg as you bring your other knee up and hop. Repeat 10 times switching legs.

Resistance band crawl (minimum of one minute, no more than 3 minutes): Put the band 2 inches above your knees.  We simply Step simply past hip distance and sink into a squat (booty low and back). Remain in your squat as you step one foot bent on the side and continue to “stroll” in one direction holding your squat. Do 5 in one direction and 5 in the opposite direction.

Plank with leg lift (10 repetitions): Enter plank position with your arms directly under your shoulders and legs right out behind you on your toes. Press back with your heels and keep your hips aligned with your spinal column. Keep your chin lifted to ensure that your head isn’t really hanging down or looking up; the goal is to keep a straight alignment in the back and neck. Pullback on your shoulder blades to keep your spine straight. From this position, lift one leg than the other one. This is one rep.

Keep in mind, push yourself, yet not to the point of injury.

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